Dell’s opportunities and challenges

REVIEW: MarketWatch columnist Dvorak (John C. Dvorak) has written that this level of rival Hewlett-Packard consider withdrawing from the personal computer market, super market dominance in terms of the Dell is at your fingertips. However, Dell must first solve their own problems, we must listen to outside advice, and not to commit stupid strategic mistake. The following commentary is Dvorak’s full text.

Now is a great opportunity to put in front of Dell computers, they can wander onto the personal computer industry dominance.

they can crowd out the market in the U.S. Apple (AAPL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), at the same time also into China, Lenovo and Acer followed suit.

the origin of things from Apple and HP certainly change in the attitude that they are considering bid farewell to the industry. Anyway, for Dell (DELL), this is a godsend. In the stock market are under pressure in the near-collapse, Dell’s share price would be expected within a certain time of great discounts.

This is an absolute fact: If there is any one company over $ 200 billion is sitting in the driver’s seat on the market, it is Dell. They now need to do, in fact, systematically implement it.

However, close attention to the stock of the observers will be disturbed: the company has made numerous attempts to have the hope that a breakthrough, but to no avail.

about fifteen, I have a wise friend once told the business community, founder of Dell computers Dell (Michael Dell) have made some assessment: he had been a success because he never had not committed a strategic error. He is not a how imaginative or attractive leader, but certainly is a great strategist.

many years, I very much agree with this judge. However, the technology bubble burst in 2000, after a certain time, Dell seems to have lost this ability.

this sociological factors which may have business impact, because after that, take shelter in which Dell does the entire ecosystem has undergone tremendous changes. Dell, I can no longer sit with workshops and end users – I think that when some of those seminars helped him a great favor.

Dell is a very normal, very easygoing person, unlike many other corporate CEOs, or tension in the party, or will temper seem daunting. However, the undeniable fact is that Dell continues to reduce exposure is indeed only recently come we only see him as the evaluation of HP, said the latter to give up the idea of ??the personal computer business is simply an idiot.

the past few, and CEO of the same name of the company completely lost its original magic.

here, I’d like to offer them some free advice: they should convene a summit, all the observers, all analysts are invited, and then ask them face to face suggested that the Chief Executive Officer how to act, to decide which to choose.

If my assumption is correct, if Dell is still a natural strategist, he will be able to view them from the essence, the company under the current situation to maximize the potential, again become When the power station.

In fact, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) in his Hood Canal’s retreat also done similar things, he invited “the New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal,” the heavyweight writer and some magazine editors, listening to their ideas.

This was indeed effective, because better communication is never a bad thing, as long as the content has not been exposed in broad daylight.

Dell needs to hear the voice of criticism. The company has made a number of silly things, such as the iPod is “flash in the pan.” Their latest flat-panel products also suffered defeat.

At the same time, their main business of which, this notebook PC’s some of the basic products did not cause much market interest. If Dell is still the big strategists, that the person does not make mistakes, these problems would not be a problem, but we see the problem, it is necessary to take appropriate remedial measures.

if Dell is willing, the sky is their limit – but the premise is, they must first find the correct track.

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