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recent pandemic first time in China because of the severe tendency to strengthen the chamber and the car, ventilation and clean air are particularly important, especially in the winter cold. H1N1 influenza virusin the narrow space of the car will easily spread, and the air conditioning is easy to attach a lot of bacteria on it. Now we recommend a few cars with a function of air cleaning of them. These purification system of air similar to the role of the mask can filter some of the impurities in the air, and improve the purity of the health index air.Volvo S80L ★ ★ ★ ★ The air filter / configuration of purification IAQS internal air detection system quality. Compared to other cars, Volvo S80L also have a clean air filter and purify the waterfall. This car is equipped with the internal inspection IAQS air quality, and the system can detect the content of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone in the air. when necessary, it will close the air inlet. The system has a charcoal filter screen, it will filter dust and particles, waste gases and particles of pollen in the vehicles. It is very useful to the human body. In addition to Volvo S80L, many models of Volvo XC90 as C70, S40, C30, has a system of air purification. S80L the home version is the second home production after the Volvo S40. This car has a longer wheelbase treatment for the Chinese market, based on the S80 imported before. Its design is based on the shape of the second generation S80 was launched in 2006, at the same time it absorbed in the design element of the modernization of the Middle-S80, which was shown at Geneva Motor Show . In front of the old, new chrome-plated trim let S80L added low-cost key, and the lines of the tail are simpler. (Whatsapp status is now trending too)He brings a feeling new and fresh. Inside, Interior Volvo S80L continued the Nordic model and concise – the design and elegant self-effacing, leaving people feel very relaxed. Center console straight suspension is also very goodl past its status as luxury car. Recently, we learned from Volvo dealers Changchun Changan that 09 is the highest discount of 60,000 yuan VolvoS80L. Among them, the 2.5 T model only edition wisdom preferential car in real time with a discount of 20 000. But current car is not much and with just one color. The 3.0 T model only edition wisdom preferential car in real time with a discount of 60 000. But current car has a single color is gray.Get some status for whatsapp

Carola health index ★ ★ ★ The air filter / purification configuration:. Automatic constant temperature, air conditioning, air separation device (including pollen filter) Carola that the replacement of the corolla, they get the best genetic conditioning systems. This system of car air conditioning may be due to “conditioning automatic temperature constant air + air filter device (including pollen filter) + fresh air out” three more, each doing his own job . Interior Carola covers the work of the fine Japanese vehicles with a perfect fit.

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