Choosing best Led Grow Lights

find as much information as you can about your plants and the kind of light they need. You can try some of the higher-end and much expensive LED lights later on, especially for large-scale and long-term use but don’t buy them right away if you still aren’t so sure. You can be really sorry if they don’t work right, so do some of your research and shop smart.Start with simple-to-operate LED Grow lights and smaller lights

For starters, the following are among the best LEDs which you can check out online:

The GlowPanel 14 Watt LED Growing Light Pane

Plant Grow Light covers 1.5 sq. ft. and lasts for 50,000 hours. It operates silently and emits very little heat. If you are starting seedlings or are in need of additional light for your garden, this product is a good choice at around only $50. Among its advantages are the inclusion of a hanging kit and a wattage of only 14 watts, which means that you will be saving much power with it. It is also easy to operate; you only need to hang it and plug it in. Its full spectrum contains both blue and red light so that it is easily suitable for different kinds of plants in different stages, whether budding or just plain growing. You may however encounter some minor problems on receptacle blades and plugs, although the product actually has a standard plug. Also, the product does not have an on-off switch so one option is to get yourself a timer.

The LED Grow Panel 14 Watt Hydroponic light

is a two color blend of blue and red LEDs. This panel uses minimal energy and has a wide angle to cover plants’ leaves equally as it runs with minimal heat. This type of panel is suitable for growing, flowering plants but may be insufficient for seedlings. At around $41, this panel is good enough and you could simply wish for a longer cord (48 inches). Unfortunately, it does not come with a warranty.

All Blue LED Grow Light Panel 225

is made of thermoplastic material and works at 110-120 V. It runs in an amiable temperature and can be used even in the summer. You can combine this blue led light with other colors to enable yourself to customize your lighting as suitable for your plants’ needs. It could cover u to 6 sq. feet so if you have several plants to grow and have a considerably large room, this product will do just fine but remember to keep it at a distance of 24 inches from your plants or else it may cause them to burn. It works with lamp timers and can be easily turned on or off. It is particularly good growing plants that prefer indirect sunlight. At $41, the disadvantage is that this panel is hardly used on its own and does not offer you a warranty.

The 90-Watt LED Quad Band UFO Hydroponic grow light

contains red, blue, orange and white lights. The advantage of having more than just blue and red lights is that the light combination makes it easier for plants to absorb the red and blue lights better. Red and blue colors are mostly good at helping thriving plants grow further, but a combination of all four colors can yield better results. The 90-watt Quad Band has a considerable coverage and promotes speedy growth and large blooms and is likewise suitable for plants of different growth stages, whether growing as seed, flower or fruit. Also, this product can be used with plants that grow in soil, water or those that are hung in mid-air to grow. It runs cool and the power supply may last for 10 years or more. It can be mounted or hung quite easily and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It is quite heavy at 9 lbs. though and is costly at $188.


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