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Funny jokes

Laugh out loud……….


I wanna tell you that our friendship means alot 2 me.
When You cry i cry. U laugh i laugh.You jumped out of the window… I looked down & then… i laughed again…..

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When i wake up every morning i pray to God that everyone
should have a friend like you…. Why should just i suffer!!!


Polio team darwazay pe ai
Pathan: begum Bandooq or kartoos kahan hen.

Polio team bhagi

Pathan ne awaz di: Ruko ye humare bachon k naam hen


Agr aj apko zyada sardi lag rhi he
To srdi se bachne k lie jo krna he kar len

Me ap ki nokar nhi hun
jo har cheez k lie totkay btaon.

(Zubaida apa aj ghussay me hen)


Principal 1 pathan student se: School ka time
8:30 he or tum 9:30 pe school aa rhe ho.

Pathan: O yaara! tum humara intezar mat kia karo.
School laga dia karo.


Teacher: Johny, If Your Father Earned Rs. 100,00,000
And Gave Half Of It To Your Mother,
What Would Your Mother Have?

Little Johny: A Heart attack



Four guys
1 from Howard:
1 Oxford
1 Texas
1 Sardar from Punjab university

1 common question:
What is the fastest thing in world?

Texas:Blink of an eye
Sardar:It’s loose motions,
because last night I was lying in my bed
& before I could blink,think or turn on the lights,
it was over!


Technology industry needs innovation

REVIEW: MarketWatch columnist Xinnai Er (John Shinal) has written that the U.S. technology industry employment opportunities are a lot of flow to India and other overseas regions, but this situation is not irreversible. If the U.S. technology companies to come up with innovative spirit, take seriously the issue of staff education and re-education, employment opportunities for the United States will be able to increase the competitiveness of U.S. technology companies will be enhanced. The following commentaries that Xin Naier full text.

Although supposedly economic recovery has begun two years, but the entire United States, the technology industry’s unemployment rate is still hovering in the incredibly high level. Want to know why this is so, we should first find the answers to two questions: What job opportunities are created in what place? Why can not they created here?

answer the first question, especially in the specific to the technology industry, it should be India. The second answer to the question, to a certain extent, be attributed to the U.S. technology industry is not meant to be a lack of innovation, but now it was just a lack of innovative ideas.

Overall, the U.S. technology industry, today’s employment situation is a “bittersweet.” Cisco Systems (CSCO) in the lay off 9 percent worldwide, while Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) is in the tens of thousands to increase manpower. (Of course, we do not count Google may increase of 19,000 people, if they move to the Motorola (MMI) of the acquisition was finally completed it.) ( Best whatsapp status about google)

other enterprises, such as Microsoft (MSFT ), Intel (INTC) and Oracle (ORCL), they are basically normal renewal, move into the new employees to replace retiring employees, but overall, the number of employees they have moderate growth.

Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley (including San Francisco), Austin, Texas, New York, Seattle and Washington, a hotbed of start-up company is accelerating growth in them, twenty-year-old software engineer in particular, sought-after light.

the U.S. technology industry as a whole or in additional staff, but to increase the number did not think so much. After all, Zacks Research data provided in the current second quarter, the S & P 500 companies in technology companies, compared to the same period total net income increased 25.8%, while 2011 all of the increase is expected to reach 22%.

the progress of IT industry in India

Although many of the largest U.S. technology companies have continued to hoard cash, but their Indian counterparts are ignoring the global hysteresis fear, continue to increase the staff. “Wall Street Journal,” collected data, employment in India’s technology industry continue to surge, the three largest information technology services company is planning to hire tens of thousands of employees.

Daily News reported that India’s largest IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services Ltd’s plan today is to increase the 60,000 employees. Industry ranked second Infosys Ltd (INFY), employment programs reached 40,000 5,000. Wipro Ltd (WIT) of the IT department plans to increase the total number of employees 25% to 35%, while the number of their existing employees has reached 122 000 people.

In the past, many of these jobs should belong to Americans, but because of automation and Internet communications software development jobs pay lower end to the flow of Indians there.

In other words, scientific and technological progress is the murder of employment opportunities, because the hardware and software innovations are making some previously the exclusive domain of Americans no longer a monopoly. Consequently, part of the before-paid people out of work now.

However, in science and technology, the pace of new job opportunities arise, and in fact did not stop, it should also be attributed to innovation. Compared to the past only those who request the opportunity to more complex, because obvious, technology companies are always new products and software development methods were used initially. Similarly, the industry has focused on workplace innovations, such as outsourcing or remote employees to use other methods.

This makes the technology industry, which the U.S. economy has become the most significant part of the profits. S & P 500 companies in technology companies today are expected to total $ 166 billion in net gains income, which occupies the entire index of the proportion of 18%, more than any other industry.

with the industry continued to grow, to become an increasingly important part of the economy which, for the future of American practitioners of the future may be more important to assess naturally.

against the trend

While innovation is making more and more work went to India, but because of rupee’s value, and doing business in the local increasing costs, U.S. companies would shift operations to India, is expected to save money down is becoming less and less.

with the gap narrowing, the U.S. science and technology with Indian counterparts in the labor cost comparisons, competitiveness has become more powerful. However, to really get these jobs, American workers must master the necessary skills, otherwise the industry can not be competent to create new software and development.

This means that workers must have a better education, because these positions require college or higher education, in order to better complete the appropriate mathematics, science and engineering work.

whether by industry, government or the workers themselves to bear the corresponding costs, the U.S. must invest in education to ensure their own labor to compete with India or China. The only way to ensure that IT is no longer in India to increase employment opportunities for one of the United States to reduce a situation.

Yes, the U.S. technology companies can now benefit from the global talent pool in the selection of employees, but at the same time, they also had to face increasing competitive pressure, such as from the Indian IT the company’s pressure.

view of the big U.S. technology companies now have a very substantial cash reserves, the industry’s managers is a good time to evaluate the potential use of cash. Than blindly buy back stock and the like, may be used for future employees or existing staff re-education training program is more in line with long-term interests of the investment.

course, which requires them to be able to withstand the pressure from Wall Street, short-sighted, in a more and innovative attitude to the science and technology enterprise management

some people may will the relationship between U.S. companies and employees as a zero-sum game, that one U.S. dollar increase in salary would mean a reduction of dollars in profits, the emergence of a job means the loss of another job, but it is actually a short-sighted view. With the industry to mature, they will face the same competitive pressures and employees. To obtain long-term competitiveness of both, in fact, rely on innovation.


Dell’s opportunities and challenges

REVIEW: MarketWatch columnist Dvorak (John C. Dvorak) has written that this level of rival Hewlett-Packard consider withdrawing from the personal computer market, super market dominance in terms of the Dell is at your fingertips. However, Dell must first solve their own problems, we must listen to outside advice, and not to commit stupid strategic mistake. The following commentary is Dvorak’s full text.

Now is a great opportunity to put in front of Dell computers, they can wander onto the personal computer industry dominance.

they can crowd out the market in the U.S. Apple (AAPL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), at the same time also into China, Lenovo and Acer followed suit.

the origin of things from Apple and HP certainly change in the attitude that they are considering bid farewell to the industry. Anyway, for Dell (DELL), this is a godsend. In the stock market are under pressure in the near-collapse, Dell’s share price would be expected within a certain time of great discounts.

This is an absolute fact: If there is any one company over $ 200 billion is sitting in the driver’s seat on the market, it is Dell. They now need to do, in fact, systematically implement it.

However, close attention to the stock of the observers will be disturbed: the company has made numerous attempts to have the hope that a breakthrough, but to no avail.

about fifteen, I have a wise friend once told the business community, founder of Dell computers Dell (Michael Dell) have made some assessment: he had been a success because he never had not committed a strategic error. He is not a how imaginative or attractive leader, but certainly is a great strategist.Like

many years, I very much agree with this judge. However, the technology bubble burst in 2000, after a certain time, Dell seems to have lost this ability.

this sociological factors which may have business impact, because after that, take shelter in which Dell does the entire ecosystem has undergone tremendous changes. Dell, I can no longer sit with workshops and end users – I think that when some of those seminars helped him a great favor.

Dell is a very normal, very easygoing person, unlike many other corporate CEOs, or tension in the party, or will temper seem daunting. However, the undeniable fact is that Dell continues to reduce exposure is indeed only recently come we only see him as the evaluation of HP, said the latter to give up the idea of ??the personal computer business is simply an idiot.

the past few, and CEO of the same name of the company completely lost its original magic.

here, I’d like to offer them some free advice: they should convene a summit, all the observers, all analysts are invited, and then ask them face to face suggested that the Chief Executive Officer how to act, to decide which to choose.

If my assumption is correct, if Dell is still a natural strategist, he will be able to view them from the essence, the company under the current situation to maximize the potential, again become When the power station.

In fact, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) in his Hood Canal’s retreat also done similar things, he invited “the New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal,” the heavyweight writer and some magazine editors, listening to their ideas.

This was indeed effective, because better communication is never a bad thing, as long as the content has not been exposed in broad daylight.

Dell needs to hear the voice of criticism. The company has made a number of silly things, such as the iPod is “flash in the pan.” Their latest flat-panel products also suffered defeat.

At the same time, their main business of which, this notebook PC’s some of the basic products did not cause much market interest. If Dell is still the big strategists, that the person does not make mistakes, these problems would not be a problem, but we see the problem, it is necessary to take appropriate remedial measures.

if Dell is willing, the sky is their limit – but the premise is, they must first find the correct track.